Erica Lumini

• Environmental Microbiology (root symbioses between plants and soil microorganisms).
• Interaction between soil microbial populations nitrogen-fixing actinomycetes, mycorrhizal fungi (Ectomycorrhizal Fungi (EM), Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi (AMF) and their associated bacteria and plants (crop cultures, shrubs, trees).
• Characterization of soil microbial communities (symbiotic and saprotrophic fungi) in natural and agricultural environments (soils subjected to land-use gradient) through classical approaches based on molecular cloning and sequencing and with NGS (454 and Illumina technologies).

She maintains an active scientific collaboration with Italian Research groups (Dip. di Scienze della Vita e Biologia dei Sistemi University of Turin, CRA, PTP, Lodi) and foreign research institutions (INRA, JKI, DLO, CETIOM, BLGG).

She is involved in International EU Projects (PURE, KBBE.2010.1.2-05,ECOFINDERs, ENV. 2010. and National Projects (AGER RISINNOVA, ProLacte).

Her scientific activity has so far resulted in more than 30 publications including original articles (publications in scientific journals with IF and / or more sectorial ones), book chapters and numerous presentations, posters and abstract of national and international conferences as well as to seminars. The research was carried out in collaboration with several Italian and foreign laboratories.

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Articles and book chapters since 2008

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