Giovanni Marino

Articles and book chapters since 2008

  • 2017 - Dissecting the role of isoprene and stress-related hormones (ABA and ethylene) in Populus nigraexposed to unequal root zone water stress - Marino G., Brunetti C., Tattini M., Romano A., Biasioli F., Tognetti R., Loreto F., Ferrini F., Centritto M. - Tree Physiology ,
  • 2015 - Simultaneous measurements of stem radius variation and sap flux density reveal synchronisation of water storage and transpiration dynamics in olive trees - Cocozza C., Marino G., Centritto M. Giovannelli A., Tognetti R. - Ecohydrology , 8: 33–45
  • 2014 - Assessing gas exchange, sap flow and water relations using tree canopy spectral reflectance indices in irrigated and rainfed Olea europaea L. - Marino G., Pallozzi E., Cocozza C., Tognetti R., Giovannelli A., Cantini C., Centritto M. - Environmental And Experimental Botany , 99:43-52
  • 2014 - Isoprene emission aids recovery of photosynthetic performance in transgenic Nicotiana tabacum following high intensity acute UV-B exposure - Centritto M., Haworth M., Marino G., Pallozzi E., Tsonev T., Velikova V., Nogues I., Loreto F. - Plantscience , 226: 82-91
  • 2013 - BVOC emission from Populus × canadensis saplings in response to acute UV-A radiation - Pallozzi E., Fortunati A., Marino G., Loreto F., Agati G., Centritto M. - Physiologia Plantarum , 148:51-61
  • 2013 - Photochemical reflectance index as an indirect estimator of foliar isoprenoid emissions at the ecosystem level - Peñuelas J., Marino G., Llusia J., Morfopoulos C., Farré-Armengol G., Filella I. - Nature Communications , 4:2604
  • 2013 - Isoprenoid Emissions, Photosynthesis And Mesophyll Conductance In Response To Blue Light - Pallozzi E., Tsonev T., Marino G., Copolovici L., Niinemets Ü., Loreto F., Centritto M. - Environmental And Experimental Botany , volume 90 pag. 50-58