Angelantonio Minafra

Angelantonio Minafra covers the position of Senior scientist and is involved in studies on molecular diagnosis and taxonomy and phylogeny of woody crops, mainly grapevine and stomne fruits. Recently, he collaborates to the molecular and biological characterization of viruses isolated in fig, olive and mulberry. For these viruses he described for the first time several new viruses and applied molecular tools for their detection. He produced (i) plasmid constructs in Agrobacterium tumefaciens for grapevine transformation to induce resistance against phloem-limited virus infection; (ii) expression constructs to produce recombinant structural and functional virus proteins for immunization and preparation of serological diagnostic tools; (iii) full-genome or partial sequences of several grapevine and stone fruits viruses. Dr Minafra shares active international relationships with Universities and Public Research Institutions (mainly in France, Spain, Turkey and USA).


Articles and book chapters since 2008

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