Anna Giulia Nappo


Articles and book chapters since 2008

  • 2017 - Life inside a gall: closeness does not favour horizontal transmission of Rickettsia between a gall wasp and its parasitoid - Gualtieri L., Nugnes F., Nappo A.G., Gebiola M., Bernardo U. - Fems Microbiology Ecology , volume 7
  • 2016 - Urtica membranacea: a new host for Tomato yellow leaf curl virus and Tomato yellow leaf curl Sardinia virus in Italy - Parrella G., Giorgini M., Nappo A.G., Stinca A. - Plant disease,
  • 2015 - Cytopathology, biology and molecular characterization of two Italian isolates of Malva vein clearing virus - Parrella G., Nappo A.G., Delecolle B. - Plant Science Today, 2:69-73
  • 2015 - Plantago asiatica mosaic virus found in protected crops of lily hybrids in Southern Italy - Parrella G., Pasqualini A., Greco B., Nappo A.G. - Plant disease, 99:1289
  • 2014 - Did the parasitoid Pnigalio mediterraneus (Hymenoptera: Eulophidae) track the invasion of the horse chestnut leafminer? - Gebiola M., Lopez-Vaamonde C., Nappo A.G., Bernardo U. - Biological Invasions , 16:843-857
  • 2014 - Invasion of the Q2 mitochondrial variant of Mediterranean Bemisia tabaci in southern Italy: possible role of bacterial endosymbionts - Parrella G., Nappo A.G., Manco E., Greco B., Giorgini M. - Pest Management Science , 70:1514-1523
  • 2010 - Rickettsia symbionts cause parthenogenetic reproduction in the parasitoid wasp Pnigalio soemius (Hymenoptera: Eulophidae) - Giorgini M., Bernardo U., Monti M.M., Nappo A.G., Gebiola M. - Applied And Environmental Microbiology, 76:2589-2599
  • 2010 - Origanum vulgare L., nuovo ospite del virus del mosaico dell’erba medica (Alfalfa mosaic virus) in Europa - Parrella G., Nappo A. G., Bozzano G., Cavicchi L., Bellardi M.G. - Protezione Delle Colture , 4:50-53
  • 2010 - First finding and molecular characterization of Alfalfa mosaic virus infecting Origanum vulgare in Italy - Parrella G., Nappo A. G., Cavicchi L., Bellardi M. G. - Petria , 20:266-267
  • 2008 - Species status of two populations of Pnigalio soemius (Hymenoptera: Eulophidae) reared from two different hosts: an integrative approach - Bernardo U., Monti M.M., Nappo A.G., Gebiola M., Russo A., Pedata P.a., Viggiani G. - Biological Control , 46: 293-303