Susanna Pollastri

I work on plant physiology, in particular on photosynthesis, biosynthesis and emission of biogenic volatile organic compounds. I am studying how external environmental factors, like high temperature, high light conditions, drought,  affect  biosynthesis and emission of biogenic volatile organic compounds. Moreover I’m really interested in the different leaf sub-cellular localization of polyphenols compounds in stress conditions.


Articles and book chapters since 2008

  • 2019 - Root colonization by Pseudomonas chlororaphis primes tomato (Lycopersicum esculentum) plants for enhanced tolerance to water stress - Brilli F., Pollastri S., Raio A., Baraldi R., Neri L., Bartolini P., Podda A., Loreto F., Maserti B., Balestrini R. - Journal of plant physiology, 232: 82-93
  • 2019 - Drought stress modulates secondary metabolites in Brassica oleracea L. convar. acephala (DC) Alef, var. sabellica L. - Podda A., Pollastri S., Bartolini P., Pisuttu C., Pellegrini E., Nali C., Cencetti G., Michelozzi M., Frassinetti S., Giorgetti L., Fineschi S., Del Carratore R., Maserti B.E. - Journal of the science of food and agriculture,
  • 2018 - Impact of high phosphorous and sodium on productivity and stress tolerance of Arundo donax plants - Cocozza C., Brilli F., Miozzi L., Pignattelli S., Rotunno S., Brunetti C., Giordano C., Pollastri S., Centritto M., Accotto G.P., Tognetti R., Loreto F. - Holzforschung ,
  • 2018 - Impact of two arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi on Arundo donax L. response to salt stress - Pollastri S., Savvides A., Pesando M., Lumini E., Volpe M.G., Ozudogru E.A., Faccio A., De Cunzo F., Michelozzi M., Lambardi M., Fotopoulos V., Loreto F., Centritto M., Balestrini R. - Planta , 247: 573-585
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