Vincenzo Radicci

I work in collaboration with several researchers of Bari’s IPSP to researches focusing on:

1) Sustainable control strategies of plant parasitic nematodes by means of biocidal substances of natural origin and organic amendments.

This research has led to collaboration with a number of domestic and foreign institutions, such as University of Bari, University of Basilicata, Academy of Sciences of South Korea, Institutes of the Academy of Sciences in Poland, Slovakia and Hungary, as well as the University of Morocco Hassan II.

2) Study of nematofauna biodiversity by using morphological and molecular identification techniques.

In particular, I am involved in: 1) experimental trials, both in greenhouses and open field, taking care of all technical aspects, from preparation of experiments to final extraction of nematodes from soil and roots; 2) greenhouse propagation and maintenance of inocula necessary to research trials.

At present, I collaborate at the European Project “Pestolive” which involves 18 institutes from seven countries of Mediterranean area.


Articles and book chapters since 2008

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  • 2013 - Heterodera elachista the Japanese cyst nematode parasitizing corn in Northern Italy: integrative diagnosis and bionomics. - De Luca F., Vovlas N., Lucarelli G., Troccoli A., Radicci V., Fanelli E., Cantalapiedra-Navarrete C., Palomares-Rius J. E., Castillo P. - European Journal Of Plant Pathology , 136:857-872
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