Vito Nicola Savino


Articles and book chapters since 2008

  • 2017 - Genome-wide analysis provides evidence on the genetic relatedness of the emergent xylella fastidiosa genotype in Italy to isolates from Central America - Giampetruzzi A., Saponari M., Loconsole G., Boscia D., Savino V.N., Almeida R.P.P., Zicca S., Landa B.B., Chacon-Diaz C., Saldarelli P. - Phytopathology , 107: 816-827
  • 2016 - Detection and molecular characterization of a Grapevine Roditis leaf discoloration-associated virus (GRLDaV) variant in an autochthonous grape from Apulia (Italy) - Chiumenti M., Giampetruzzi A., Morelli M., Savino V.N., Martelli G.P., La Notte P., Palmisano F., Saldarelli P. - Virus Genes ,
  • 2016 - Identification and characterization of an isolate of apple green crinkle associated virus involved in a severe disease of quince (Cydonia oblonga, Mill.) - Morelli M., Giampetruzzi A., Laghezza L., Catalano L., Savino V.N., Saldarelli P. - Archives Of Virology , 162: 299-306
  • 2015 - Survey for the presence of Xylella fastidiosa subsp. pauca (strain CoDiRO) in some forestry and ornamental species in the Salento Peninsula - Potere O., Susca L., Loconsole G., Saponari M., Boscia D., Savino V., Martelli G.P. - Journal Of Plant Pathology , 97: 373-376
  • 2014 - New hosts of Xylella fastidiosa strain CoDiRO in Apulia - Saponari M., Boscia D., Loconsole G., Palmisano F., Savino V., Potere O., Martelli G.P. - Journal of plant pathology, 96: 611
  • 2012 - Identification of a single-stranded DNA virus associated with citrus chlorotic dwarf disease, a new member in the family Geminiviridae - Loconsole G., Saldarelli P., Doddapaneni H., Savino V., Martelli G.P., Saponari M. - Virology, 432:162-172
  • 2012 - Next-Generation sequencing and metagenomic analysis advances in plant virus diagnosis and discovery. - Loconsole G, Giampetruzzi A, Roberto R, Saponari M, Palmisano F, Chiumenti M, Morelli M., Minafra A, Savino V, Saldarelli P - Journal of Plant Pathology, 94:S4.48
  • 2008 - Genetic variability and population structure of Grapevine virus A coat protein gene from naturally infected Italian vines - Murolo S, Romanazzi G, Rowhani A, Minafra A, La Notte P, Branzanti Mb, Savino V - European Journal Of Plant Pathology (10845J0), 120: 137-145