Laura Scarabel

Since 2000, she has been working in the section of weed science where the research is focused on weed biology, herbicide resistance and integrated weed management.

The research involves the determination of the resistance profile of weed populations through bioassays conducted in a controlled or semi-controlled environment, investigation of the resistance mechanisms with the characterization of the genes involved (through molecular and biochemical techniques) and the way in which they are selected and propagated within weed communities. This entails a study at different levels: gene, plant and populations at the field level. Knowledge on herbicide resistance evolution allows to develop better management approaches.

Since 2009, she is responsible of the Italian Herbicide Resistance web site (GIRE) with the following aims:

  • monitoring and mapping of the Italian herbicide resistant cases
  • contribute to a better understanding of the causes and consequences of herbicide resistance
  • promote management strategies based on integrated weed management and a more sustainable use of herbicides

Current main research

  • development of molecular tools for a rapid resistance diagnosis (CAPS, dCAPS, LAMP)
  • investigation of resistance mechanisms target-site and non target-site
  • fitness study on weed populations
  • nationwide monitoring of new resistant weeds in the principal cropping systems (rice, soybean, maize and wheat)

She is currently involved in European (RELIUM, IWMPRAISE) and National (PSR-Emilia Romagna, Belchim Crop Protection, Syngenta) research projects.

Articles and book chapters since 2008

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