Anna Maria Vaira

Scientific interests. Molecular diagnosis and characterization of RNA plant viruses with scientific and economic value, infecting both ornamental and vegetable crops. Particular interest in diagnosis and molecular/taxonomical characterization of viruses in Ophiovirus Genus. Plant expression of plant virus-derived virus-like particles. Development of molecular diagnostic tools. Genetic modification of model plants through A. tumefaciens. Production of virus-resistant plants by genetic engineering. Studies on viral protein functions and sub-cellular localization through fusion with fluorescent molecules. Virus-host proteins interaction. Development of viral infectious clones and viral vectors for protein expression and VIGS studies in mono- and dicots.


Articles and book chapters since 2008

  • 2019 - First report of Chickpea chlorotic dwarf virus in watermelon (Citrullus lanatus) in Morocco - Radouane N., Ezrari S., Accotto G.P., Benjelloun M., Lahlali R., Tahiri A., Vaira A.M. - New disease reports, volume 39
  • 2018 - RT-PCR tests for sensitive detection of the major Ranunculus-infecting viruses: field and in vitro applications - Sacco E., Borghi, C., Rabaglio M., Lenzi R., Ciuffo M., Ruffoni B., Vaira A. M. - Plant Pathology , 67: 1967-1976
  • 2018 - First Report of Grapevine Latent Viroid Infecting Grapevine (Vitis vinifera L.) in Italy - Rotunno S., Vaira A.M., Marian D., Schneider A., Raimondi S., Di Serio F., Navarro B., Miozzi L. - Plant Disease , volume 9
  • 2018 - Evidence of new viruses infecting freesia hybrids showing necrotic disease - Vaira A.M., Miozzi L., Vallino M., Carra A., Lenzi R., Salvi D., Hammond J., Pappu H.R. - Acta Horticulturae , 1193: 21-27
  • 2018 - The interaction of Lolium latent virus major coat protein with ankyrin repeat protein NbANKr redirects it to chloroplasts and modulates virus infection - Vaira A. M., Lim H. S., Bauchan G., Gulbronson C. J., Miozzi L., Vinals N., Natilla A., Hammond J. - Journal Of General Virology , 99: 730-742
  • 2018 - Virus-mediated export of chromosomal DNA in plants - Catoni M., Noris E., Vaira A.M., Jonesman T., Matic S., Soleimani R., Behjatnia S.A.A., Vinals N., Paszkowski J., Accotto G.P. - Nature communications , volume 9
  • 2017 - Deep Sequencing Data and Infectivity Assays Indicate that Chickpea Chlorotic Dwarf Virus is the Etiological Agent of the “Hard Fruit Syndrome” of Watermelon - Zaagueri T., Miozzi L., Mnari-Hattab M., Noris E., Accotto G.P., Vaira A.M. - Viruses , volume 9
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  • 2015 - Detection of a mixed virus population in Freesia plants with necrotic disease - Vaira A.M., Vallino M., Lenzi R., Masenga V., Lisa V., Costantini A., Salvi D., Carra A., Hammond J. - Acta Horticulturae , 1072: 173-178
  • 2014 - The coat protein of Alternanthera mosaic virus is the elicitor of a temperature-sensitive systemic necrosis in Nicotiana benthamiana, and interacts with a host boron transporter protein - Lim H.-S., Nam J., Seo E.-Y., Nam M., Vaira A.M., Bae H., Jang C.-Y., Lee C.H., Kim H.G., Roh M., Hammond J. - Virology , 452-453:264-278
  • 2013 - First Report of Freesia sneak virus Associated with Foliar Necrosis of Freesia refracta in Bulgaria - Bobev S.G., Taphradjiiski O.I., Hammond J., Vaira A.M. - Plant Disease, 97:1514
  • 2013 - From immunity to susceptibility: Virus resistance induced in tomato by a silenced transgene is lost as TGS overcomes PTGS - Catoni, M., Lucioli, A., Doblas-Ibáñez, P., Accotto, G.P., Vaira, A.M. - Plant journal, 75:941-953
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  • 2010 - Efficiency Of Vigs And Gene Expression In A Novel Bipartite Potexvirus Vector Delivery System As A Function Of Strength Of Tgb1 Silencing Suppressor. - Lim H-S., Vaira A.M., Domier, L.L., Lee S.C., Kim H.G., Hammond J. - Virology, 402:149-163
  • 2010 - Mutation of a chloroplast-targeting signal in Alternanthera mosaic virus TGB3 impairs cell-to-cell movement and eliminates long-distance virus movement - Lim H.S., Vaira A.M., Bae H., Bragg J.N., Ruzin S.E., Bauchan G.R., Dienelt M.M., Owens R.A., Hammond J. - Journal Of General Virology, 91:2102-2115
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