Alfredo Vizzini

Articles and book chapters since 2008

  • 2017 - A nonnative and a native fungal plant pathogen similarly stimulate ectomycorrhizal development but are perceived differently by a fungal symbiont - Zampieri E., Giordano L., Lione G., Vizzini A., Sillo F., Balestrini R., Gonthier P. - New Phytologist , 213(4): 1836-1849
  • 2013 - 454 Pyrosequencing Analysis of Fungal Assemblages from Geographically Distant, Disparate Soils Reveals Spatial Patterning and a Core Mycobiome in Diversity - Orgiazzi A., Bianciotto V., Bonfante P., Daghino S., Ghignone S., Lazzari A., Lumini E., Mello A., Napoli C., Perotto S., Vizzini A., Bagella S., Murat C., Girlanda M. - Diversity, 5:73-98
  • 2012 - Unravelling soil fungal communities from different mediterranean land-use backgrounds - Orgiazzi A., Lumini E., Nilsson R.H., Girlanda M., Vizzini A., Bonfante P., Bianciotto V. - Plos One , 7:e34847
  • 2012 - Authentication of prized white and black truffles in processed products using quantitative real-time PCR - Rizzello R., Zampieri E., Vizzini A., Autino A., Cresti M., Bonfante P., Mello A. - Food Research International , 48:792-797
  • 2011 - Phylogeny of the Pluteaceae (Agaricales, Basidiomycota): taxonomy and character evolution - Justo A., Vizzini A., Minnis A.M., Menolli Jr. N., Capelari M., Rodríguez O., Malysheva E., Contu M., Ghignone S., Hibbett D.S. - Fungal Biology (Print), 115: 1-20
  • 2011 - A new volvate Macrolepiota (Agaricomycetes, Agaricales) from Italy, with observations on the M. procera complex - Vizzini A., Contu M., Ghignone S., Vellinga E. - Mycotaxon , 117: 149-164
  • 2011 - A preliminary ITS phylogeny of Melanoleuca (Agaricales), with special reference to European taxa - Vizzini A., Para R., Fontenla R., Ghignone S., Ercole E. - Mycotaxon , 118: 361-381
  • 2011 - Species recognition in Pluteus and Volvopluteus (Pluteaceae, Agaricales): morphology, geography and phylogeny - Justo A., Minnis A.M., Ghignone S., Menolli Jr N., Capelari M., Rodríguez O., Malysheva E., Contu M., Vizzini A. - Mycological Progress , 10: 453-479
  • 2010 - Tuber melanosporum, when dominant, affects fungal dynamics in truffle grounds - Napoli C., Mello A., Borra A., Vizzini A., Sourzat P., Bonfante P. - New Phytologist, 185:237-247
  • 2010 - Bacterial and fungal communities associated with Tuber Magnatum-productive niches - Mello A., Miozzi L., Vizzini A., Napoli C., Kowalchuk G., Bonfante P. - Plant Biosystems, 144:323-332
  • 2010 - Typification of Octaviania rubescens (Paxillineae, Boletales) and phylogenetic hypotheses for genus Alpova - Vizzini A., Zotti M., Ryman S., Ghignone S. - Mycologia , 102:967-975
  • 2008 - Boletus edulis complex: from phylogenetic relationships to specific primers - Vizzini A., Mello A., Ghignone S., Sechi C., Ruiu P., Bonfante P. - Pagine di micologia A.M.B. - Centro Studi Micologici, 30:48-52
  • 2008 - Is the Perigord black truffle threatened by an invasive species? We dreaded it and it has happened! - Murat C., Zampieri E., Vizzini A., Bonfante P. - New Phytologist , 178: 699-702