Stefania Zicca

Dr Stefania Zicca, has gained experience in several fields of the plant pathology through his work at the Department of Plant Protection (DiSSPA)-University of Bari, Institute of Virology (IVV)-CNR U.O.S. of Bari and the Plant Pathology Research Centre-Rome. These include:

  • the study of the tubule-mediated mechanism of the cell to cell movement of the Cauliflower mosaic virus;
  • the development and application of protocols for certification of authenticity and traceability of artichoke Brindisino clones;the application and development of protocols for sanitation of grapevine
  • propagating material applying in vitro meristem tip culture, thermotherapy and micrografting;
  • identification, biological and molecular characterization of plant pathogenic viruses.

She is currently working as a research staff for the performance of activities provided for in the action plan for the phytosanitary emergency caused by Xylella fastidiosa.


Articles and book chapters since 2008

  • 2018 - A negative-stranded RNA virus infecting citrus trees: The second member of a new genus within the order bunyavirales - Navarro B., Zicca S., Minutolo M., Saponari M., Alioto D., Di Serio F. - Frontiers in microbiology, volume 9
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